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Aussienet Internet Services NSW
Frequently Asked Questions
Below are a listed of questions that have been asked in the past
If you can not located an answer, please use our Contact Us page for help
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Domain Name Questions
Q Can I host multiple Domain Names with my single account?
A Yes you most certainly can. You can Park your extra Domain Names on top of your Master Account Domain Name.
Q How Long Does it Take to Register a Domain Name !
A Normally a couple of hours on a weekday - up till 8pm - All Domain Names are Manually check for compliance
Monday Morning if placed on The Weekend
Q Who Owns the Domain Name when I Register it?
A You Do ! - You are the Registrant and the Owner !
Q Can I Register A Domain Name only ! - because I just want the domain name only !
A Yes - No Problems at All !!
Q If I am hosted elsewhere, Can I register a Domain Name with Aussienet and get it looking at my other host ?
A Yes and Yes ! Again - No Problems at all !
Q Can I Change my Domain Name if I do not like?
A No - Once a Domain Name is Registered its yours until it expires - So Choose Very Carefully !!!
Q Can I Cancel my Domain Name and get my Money Back since I changed my Mind about Hosting?
A No - The Domain Name is yours as it it registered through the Australian Registrar. There is no provision for a refund and our Terms strictly forbid it !
Once you Register a Domain Name, its yours until it expires - So Choose Very Carefully !!!
Q What happens if I start a ChargeBack because Aussienet won't give me my money back on a Domain Name that I don't want!
A Since you agreed to our terms which state "No Refunds on Domain Names once registered", we will inform your bank and the Police regarding your fraudulent actions !
No Exceptions !

Web Hosting Questions
Q How can I move my website to AussieNet Internet Services NSW without it going offline ?
A Getting started with your AussieNet Internet Services NSW hosted website is very straight forward and only a couple of steps need to be followed:
* The first step is to choice the desired Hosting Plan from our Hosting Packages Web Page.
* Once the Payment is received and all is good, we will send you instructions on how to upload your website to your server space.
* The final step in transferring would be delegating your domain name(s) to our servers. This will be the longest process for the transfer, as it takes time for your domain name(s) changes to propagate to all areas of the Internet. It is recommended you keep your current account active until the delegation process is complete(24-48 hours) so as to minimize any downtime. These days this process can happen within 5 minutes but this is dependant on the type of domain and your current domain registrars internal processes.
While your domain is being delegated, you can use the courtesy domain we give you, to test your site.
Q I have a website but I don't know how to move it to AussieNet Internet Services NSW, can you help me ?
A In most circumstances we can - but not always. If your currently using CPanel - Yes, databases and all. With other admin panels, you would have to send us a support ticket or email.
Q What domains can be hosted on AussieNet Internet Services NSW ?
A We can host any type of domain.
Q Do you charge me if I want to use my existing domain with my hosting account ?
A No, you do need a domain name to use your hosting account - Either your own existing  domain name or a new one !
Q What is special with AussieNet Internet Services NSW's hosting services compared to other providers ?
A Australian Located Servers in a state of the Art DataCentre in Equinix - Sydney !
Duel Xeon Linux Servers for unsurpassed Speed, Reliability and Stability !
Fully featured Admin Control panel and our un-parallelled Web Site Builder !
Q What is the difference between a domain name and web hosting ?
A A Domain Name is a unique Registered Name for your site (just like your own name) - so people know where to find you
Web hosting is where you sites information, including emails, pictures, data etc is stored so people from all over the world to see your website 24/7.
They a both required  for people to find you on the internet and they are both billed separately.
Q How long will it take for my account to become active ?
A We wait for your payment to be cleared or received. We then do a couple of security checks to make sure you are are registered business etc, and then we set you up.
On a normal weekday, it could take a couple of hours - on a weekend, you might have to wait till Monday, especially if your also registering a Domain Name!
*** We do not have instant signups !!!
Q Do you offer web page design services ?
A No we don not - however, with our Web Site Builder - You can do it all Yourself - and Save !!!
Q What payment methods do you accept ?
A We accept the following Payment Methods:
* Cheque (Must Clear before Services acted on)
* Money Order (Must Clear before Services acted on)
* Direct Deposit (Must been seen in our account before Services acted on)
* Credit Cards - Visa and MasterCard Only - Via PayPal
* PayPal Account
Q Is there any minimum contract I have to sign to ?
A Yes - 3 monthly terms for Web Hosting
Q Do you force banner advertising on my website ?
A No, banners and pop-up windows are common practice for free web hosts which AussieNet Internet Services NSW is not.
Q Do you offer dial-up internet access ?
A No, we specialise in web hosting services. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers internet access and connection services - Like Bigpond, iinet, Optusnet etc .....
Q Do you offer discounts to non profit/charity organizations ?
A No - You should find that our plans are already well discounted with little room for further discounts.
Q Can I use my own shopping cart software with my AussieNet Internet Services NSW account ?
A Yes - As long as it does not require ASP or MS Access.
Most common shopping carts use PHP, mySQL and CGI which we can support.
Q Will you take control of my domain if I move to AussieNet Internet Services NSW ?
A No. The domain is solely controlled by the registered owner (Registrant).
Q Do I get a Free Domain Name ( included with my Web Hosting account ?
A No - You have to purchase this separately or already have a Domain name to use with your AussieNet Internet Services NSW account.
Q Is there a limit to how much I can update my website ?
A No, you can update your website whenever you like.
Q Do you support RealMedia ?
A We do support RealVideo & RealAudio mime-types. However, we do not support any types of Live Content Streaming of any description.
Q Can I use Coldfusion to design and maintain my website ?
A No, we do not support Coldfusion.
Q Can I use Java/Servlets on my website ?
A You can of course use Java Applets and Client-Side JavaScript, as they run through your browser and not the server.
However, we do not currently support JSP pages as they can be Very Resource Hungry!!!!
Q Do you support ASP or Microsoft Access Database ?
A Currently we do not run Microsoft Windows NT/2000 Servers so ASP and Access Database are not available. Our servers, like the majority of web servers, are UNIX based for maximum reliability and there is no native support for ASP or Access.
Our customers achieve database interactivity with the web using PHP or Perl which are more powerful and robust alternatives to ASP. You can also find many more free pre-written scripts at sites such as

Web Site Builder Questions
Q Do I need any skills in Web Design to use The Web Site Builder ?
A No special skills are required at all. The Web Site Builder has been designed to make the building of a web site easily achievable by anyone, regardless of their level of experience with the internet. A series of 'wizards' guide you through each process step by step, and help is provided on every page should you require it.
Why not try our online demo right now and see how easy it is to use...
Click HERE to Test our web Site Builder
Q What preparation should I make before starting to build my site?
A It will help to have an idea of the message you want to communicate with your website. How many pages do you think you will need ? What do you want to say on each page? You should gather all the digital imagery you think you will want to use into one folder on your computer for easy reference - for example, business logos, photos, graphics etc. If you want to use a form to collect information from your visitors, think about how this might work. It can also help to look at other websites to get ideas as to what works best.
You can make as many changes as you like to your website design, at any time - so experiment and enjoy yourself.
Q I already have a hosting account with - can I still use The Web Site Builder?
A You Can Upgrade to the Next Package - No problems - however - if you already have a site, you can not add to it with the web Site Builder - It is designed to create and maintain your website from Scratch and does not Wok with PHP !
Q I already have a website - can I import it into 'The Web Site Builder' ?
A No, 'The Web Site Builder' can only manage sites constructed by it.
Q The 'Web Site Builder' package I want to use is not available on the Web Hosting plan I think I will need - is it possible for me to upgrade the pack but remain on the same hosting package?
A Currently the only option is to upgrade the Hosting plan to that containing the 'Web Site Builder' features you require.
Q I have 'The Web Site Builder' package installed, but now I want to use a custom website build - how do I disable 'The Web Site Builder' ?
A Simply contact our Support department to change your package back one.
Q Can I use The Web Site Builder e-commerce pack to create an online store and take credit card payments online?
A Yes, 'The Web Site Builder' e-commerce pack will create a fully functional online-store and allow you to process credit card payments either in real-time or offline and has PayPal Support Built In !
Q Do I need a Merchant Account?
A If you set up the PayPal option only - No
If you want to receive all credit cards - then Yes - Spek to the AussieNet team for more Info !

General Questions
Q Is Aussienet Internet Services NSW a GST Registered Business?
A Yes, we are registered for GST.
Q Does Aussienet Internet Services NSW supply Tax Invoices ?
A Yes, with Every Transaction, we supply an Proper Tax Invoice Generated by our MYOB accounting software.
A Temporary Tax Invoice can be retrieved from your accounts section in the Client Admin Section
Q Is Aussienet an Australian Business ?
A Yes we are. Australian born and bread, office at St. Marys - Western Sydney NSW
And our Servers are located in Sydney, NSW - Totally 100% Australian Owned and Operated!
Q How old do I need to be to have a web site with
A At present - 18 year old is the mark !
Since you are signing up for web hosting, you need to be 18 to agree to our Terms.
If you are young - Please feel free to discuss this matter with us if your interested to discuss your options !