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AussieNet Internet Services NSW


Your On-line Shopping Option
We here at AussieNet Internet Services NSW know how expensive it can be to open up a On-Line Shop, take orders and receive payments.
To say $50.00/month for a full package is very much on the cheaper side.
We at AussieNet offer hosting for both the open source (Free with the Hosting)  Shopping carts like Zen Cart & OSCommerce as well as the Professional Shopping Carts like Ezimerchant Professional.
We can host them all at just $16.50/Month, inc GST.
What about receiving Payments On-Line? Payment Gateways?
A Professional Shopping Cart like Ezimerchant Professional uses there own Gateway for Manual Processing or can be set up with additional Fully Automatic Payment Gateways.
If you plan to be a Big On-Line Shop Ezimerchant professional at $449.00 is Definitely worth a look.
It Now features anti-fraud data on all transactions.
If you're only a Small Business, just starting off, we can offer the best web hosting shopping cart around!
Zen Cart combined with PayPal for Credit Card Payments - is a great combination.
Say your just starting, no customers, no income. Most business would like to keep there expenses to an absolute minimum.
With a Zen Cart and PayPal Gateways - you can keep your expenses very low, Just $16.50/Month to be exact.
Here's why:
To accept a credit card, you need a merchant facility of  some description.
On Every Credit card transaction, you have to pay a percentage to the bank etc.
If you do not make any sales that month, your up for a Minimum Service Fee (about $22.00/Month)
If you Have a EFTPOS Machine, Add another $27.50/Month
Hosting, Add another $16.50/Month.
So if you do not have one sale in a month, Your up for $66.00 minimum
The beauty of the PayPal Merchant Account
No Minimum Monthly Charges or Gateway Charges!!
Here's a monthly comparison using on Merchant Fees Only:
Westpac With an EFTPOS Machine versus PayPal
Pricing Valid 12th of March, 2006
  WestPac PayPal Westpac PayPal Westpac PayPal
Sale Amount in one Month* $0.00 $0.00 $100.00 $100.00 $1000.00 $1000.00
Merchant Fee Rates 1.786% 2.4% 1.786% 2.4% 1.786% 2.4%
Transaction Fee (% of Sale) $0.00 $0.00 $1.79 $2.40 $17.86 $24.00
Transaction Fee (per payment) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.30 $0.00 $0.30
Minimum Service Fee $22.00 $0.00 $20.21 $0.00 $4.14 $0.00
EFTPOS Machine** $27.50 $0.00 $27.50 $0.00 $27.50 $0.00
Total Fees $49.50 $0.00 $49.50 $2.40 $49.50 $24.30
Your Sale $ After Fees -$49.50 $0.00 $50.50 $97.60 $950.50 $975.70
How the fees effect You You went Backwards

Nothing gained/lost

You went Backwards You made Money You made Money You made Money
* Single Sale per Month - * If you had 10 sales in one month,
PayPal would charge an additional 9x extra 30c = +$2.70 in the above chart.
You would still be in front!
** An EFTPOS machine is approx the same cost as Payment Gateway
For Small business - The only way to go.

AussieNet Internet Services NSW